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About Us

The two founders, Lara and Dwayne, sit opposite each other at a work table. Dwayne has a pen in one hand and the other is resting on an open journal. Lara has her palms down on the table with one hand slightly overlapping the other. They are smiling at the camera. Also on the table is a computer tablet with stylus and a coffee cup. The floor is natural hardwood. There is a door partway open in the background, with a transom window built into the wall above it. Also in the background is a kitchenette with a microwave and coffee carafe.

Dwayne Holmberg and Lara Devitt

More than web developers.

We help businesses harness the power of modern tools and best practices to achieve outstanding results on the web.

What we bring:

  • deep technical expertise
  • an ability to match business goals with the latest and best tools and technologies
  • experience with many different types and sizes of projects
  • a finger on the latest standards and best practices
  • a capacity to learn and grow in an evolving landscape

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Our guiding values

It's about people

The web connects people, not just systems. Be transparent, authentic, and respectful. Create positive experiences and build a better world.

Inclusivity is not optional

Build accessibility into every project from the start. Be proactive and a good listener. Strive for simplicity - in our communication, our processes, and our web interfaces.

Embrace the journey

Go boldly. Challenge the old ways. Welcome collaboration. Celebrate every milestone. Learn and grow.

“Othermachines is solution-oriented, service-minded, efficient and quick to address all tasks. Everything simply works - which saves us a lot of potential headache.”

C.R., Norwegian Microfinance Initiative

We ❤️ our city.

Although our business takes us remotely to points across the globe, our heart is where we live and work: in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We love to connect with other local businesses! If you are established or just getting started— if you are ready to build a website or just wondering if you should— we would love to chat with you!

A wide view of the Edmonton skyline, looking from the south side of the North Saskatchewan River. The sun is setting in the west and there is a gentle sweep of clouds across the sky.

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