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As simple as possible, but not simpler

Simplicity is at the heart of Jamstack. Simplicity is why Jamstack websites are fast, secure, reliable and low-cost.

We are bringing that same simplicity to the process of creating websites. Tired of elaborate design processes, long development times and high costs? Our new line of services is coming soon!

Jamstack benefits

More clicks

Enjoy an SEO advantage with lightweight, pre-rendered pages that are a treat for users and Googlebots alike.

Happy customers

People want a great user experience. That means fast, responsive, and always available - on any device.

Just works

Relax! With Jamstack you get rock-solid security and reliability without the need for expensive infrastructure and maintenance.

Love Drupal or WordPress?

You can enjoy the advantages of a static site while keeping your favourite CMS.

A generated static site can pull in content from any number of sources, including markdown files, a subscription-based CMS provider like Prismic, or your existing hosted CMS. This means you can enjoy the benefits of static pages while continuing to update and manage your content like you always have.

“Jamstack is like going back to a simpler time, only with better tools.”

Dwayne Holmberg
Co-founder, Othermachines

This is Jamstack

A modern website architecture designed for awesome performance, security, and scalability.


Sites that use a CMS traditionally build pages on each request. Jamstack sites are pre-rendered and served from the closest node in a global CDN. Visitors typically start receiving content in less than 200 milliseconds.


Delivering websites as static pages from a CDN means there is no single server to get overwhelmed. Network redundancy and enormous load capacity means your busiest day stays your best day.


Most websites are compromised by attacks on the CMS or the server. Jamstack sites are served from a static, read-only cache, and your CMS isn’t exposed to the internet at large. Removing the most common attack vectors makes Jamstack sites incredibly secure.


Jamstack sites don’t run code on the server and don’t require databases or other complicated infrastructure. A simple server environment provided by the world’s best cloud services means unparalleled reliability.
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